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Miss dior


We understand the competitive nature of the perfume industry. Even though the growth of the fragrances and perfumes market is primarily influenced by unpredictable and continuously changing fashion trends, our staff believe that the huge choices available help us choose the perfumes that best align with our vision of contribution, best and ethical practices and environmental sustainability. In other words, which brands care about their footprint on the planet?

Our Fragrance Brands:

The brands all have the following things in common:

Every Perfume has a Story

One of our favourite stories.

“Dior launched his first perfume not long after his Fashion House in 1946. He called it, “Miss Dior” in honour of his sister Catherine who fought with the French Resistance against the Germans during World War 2. Christian wanted to celebrate her in some way.

Today, Miss Dior is one of our most popular customer fragrances. The Perfumers at Dior have not changed much about the fragrance in honour of the legacy.”

Enjoy the perfume experience from our expert staff as we take you into a world that will embrace your senses.

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